Monday, December 21, 2009

Official Blog Opening Day!

Hello, I'm Shana, one of the three musketeers of this blog, and have we got a lot in store for you

The Raving Readers is a collaboration of three friends who share a love for books. Back in our younger days, we'd swap books and introduce each other to the authors we'd discovered, and we'd even discuss and argue about the books we've read. Without knowing it, we created our own mini book club!

So when I learned about Silver's blog, I cajoled and persuaded and (finally!) convinced her to um, start over and work on a new blog together. (She did import her old reviews over, so we've got a few to start with.) Hence, The Raving Readers!

Where we'll provide nothing but our honest, unadulterated opinions on books, delivered with much tact and grace. We hope that with our review, we can provide constructive criticism to help authors grow in their writing (we hope we can help, as we're basically making critiques from the reader's POV), because we all know the importance of good books. They cure our blues and boredom, and give us a way to escape the dreariness of our lives, even for a few hours. They are also a great topic of conversation. Many a romance have started by conversing about books, don't ya know? ;)

As readers ourselves, we value the importance of fair reviews, which is also one of our objectives. We want to help others, as we have been helped, find good books to read and enjoy, especially with the hundreds and thousands of books being churned out each day. The oft-repeated refrain "too many books, so little time" is never truer than now.

Aside from which, there is nothing we readers enjoy more than discussing the books we've read. There are as many opinions as there are people, so we welcome disagreements and comments to the review, and wouldn't it be so much fun if the author can join us, too? It goes, without saying, of course, that the discussion be limited to the book and no disparagement of the author is allowed.

That said, we can only improve when we see outside the box, or when other people see into our box and provide us with feedback. Hence, we appreciate all comments and suggestions. Please write to me at shanareatrr @

As to what kind of books we cover, ALL FICTION! Those that we can get our greedy hands on, anyway. LOL We'll first focus on romance and its sub-genres, before we branch out to other areas. Or as our mood takes us.

I'm foreseeing exciting times ahead. See ya!


Silver @ The Raving Readers said...

Can't wait to blog with you!

Karine said...

Hey Shana, wish you all much success! Great name for your site by the way...The Raving Readers! :)

Shana said...

Woo hoo Karine! Why don't you join us, girl? LOL Thanks! We thought long and hard and fought over the name before we settled on that one.


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