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Cover Reveal: Threesome Bonds by Sienna Matthews

It gives us great pleasure to bring you the Cover Reveal for THREESOME BONDS by Sienna Matthews!

Threesome Bonds delivers hot, sizzling and sensual romance...the long-awaited, much-anticipated, reader-requested sequel to Sienna Matthews' Threesome series. Check it out now!

Threesome Bonds Cover

About Threesome Bonds

The long-awaited, much-anticipated, reader-requested sequel to Threesome Interlude and Threesome Play is here!

What happens after Lynne Morrison's passionate elevator interlude with hunky twins Mark and Ash Thompson? Well, they realize it isn't enough so they had to try out the bedroom and the kitchen table and the wall…er, you get the picture. When Lynne finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, she faces a serious dilemma: she doesn't know who the father is! When the truth is out, will it derail her growing relationship with Mark?

Meanwhile, her best friend Cara Wilson, aka Hot Blonde, isn't feeling so hot. In a relationship with lovers Kyle Lockwood and Max Brannigan, she comes home early one day and stumbles upon Kyle secretly proposing to Max. Her world shatters. Amidst her heartbreak, she decides to take the biggest gamble of her life, even if it means losing the thing Kyle cherishes the most…

Product Warnings

This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, male/male sexual acts, anal sex and ménage a trois (m/f/m and m/m/f).


This book can be read as a standalone. Enough backstory has been provided to help new readers understand the characters' situations. However, if new readers would like to read how the characters met, the previous books, Threesome Interlude and Threesome Play, are now discounted at $0.99 for a limited time only.

Pre-order your copy of Threesome Bonds today at


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About Sienna Matthews

Sienna Matthews writes deliciously erotic romance. She goes wherever the muse calls. Check out her stories which are no holds barred sinful and seductive and where anything can happen. Visit her blog at She welcomes readers' feedback on her books. Write to her at SiennaMMatthews @

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REVIEW: Afternoon Delight by Desiree Holt

ISBN 978-1-906590-60-4
June 2008
Total E-Bound

(Probably not in circulation anymore)

"Definitely an Afternoon Delight!"

Savannah Claymore and Lori Avondale are friends and condo mates. One sunny afternoon, they were enjoying orange mimosas and sunbathing in the nude on their patio and bemoaning the lack of men in their lives, when their hunky neighbor, Deke Rogers, dropped in to join in the fun.

And what fun they had. This being an erotic romance, the sex scenes are hot, hot, HOT! The sexual tension ran high, with lots of anticipation and naughty couplings. The main characters were upfront and honest in their desire for one another, and there was no pretense that the time spent was going to be something other than an afternoon delight or that the story was something more than a sexual fling.

Until the evening, when Deke's friend Slade joined them for a nice foursome. Then, they split off into couples with the promise of deeper feelings developing between them. Now, I'm all for romance, but in this story, I would have been happy if they'd left it at that--a fling.

Readers who have objection to reading female-female physical interaction may have a little problem with this story.

Rating: 4 stars

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REVIEW: A Delicious Taboo by Jennifer Cole

ISBN 978-1-59632-713-9
May 2008, Loose Id

Melanie Drake worked as a bartender in Taboo Delights nightclub, where she met and lusted after a quartet of gay men, couples Calen Maxwell and Van Dansk, and Jake Welland and Philip Weston. Unbeknownst to her, the two couples each believed her to be the perfect "third" they wanted to invite into their bed. However, since they couldn't decide whom Melanie wanted more, they decided to ask her.

Believing herself to be ordinary, a plain Jane, Melanie couldn't believe it when the men propositioned her and thought they were being cruel to tease her. So, she rejected them. However, the men couldn't be dissuaded as easily as that. They put their heads together and devised a plan to seduce the delectable Melanie.

More yummy men, the merrier and the better. Or so I used to think. I never realized how hard it must be to keep track of so many body parts, and where said body part was. This is a novella, which may explain why things moved at a fast pace, but more sexual tension between the characters would have been good. More is always good, in this case, more story and more non-sexual interaction between the characters would have rounded out the passionate interludes of the quintet. Especially with four men on the scene, this story would've benefitted from a longer length. It's also hard to sympathize with the heroine because not much emotional depth and exploration occurred. That said, if you're looking for a quick, hot read on a quiet afternoon, you wouldn't miss with the four gorgeous, sexy men in this novella.

Rating: 3 stars --> someone will comment: "you're so generous, Silver. I've also read this book, and if I were doing the grading, I'd give it a 2, at least. Let me say I'm a fan of erotic romances and I've been reading LI books since way back, but with this book, I think their quality has deteriorated. There's only the bare bones of a story, strung together by the sex scenes. I'm not sure if it's because this is a novella. Personally, I like lengthier stories for the meat of the story."

--> also, can 5 bodies fit into a king-sized bed? even if they can, nobody can move or if he did, he's sure to fall off!

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Review: Best Friends Forever by Kate Douglas


Book 6 of the Star Quest series

Heroine and Ted have been friends for a long time, owing to the interaction of their parents. Though they were of different species, Heroine being a half-lion, half-human, while Ted is a full human, they were inseparable…until a hurtful act in their teens drove them apart. Years later, when they met again, their feelings and their past came back to haunt them, and they would need to get over them to fight a common enemy.

I believe the author has done a wonderful job depicting their relationship and the growing feelings between them, turning them from best friends to "enemies" and later, to lovers. Each couldn't help the attraction to the other, yet they were both afraid of rejection (due to what has happened in the past). I like how the author didn't explain away the past hurtful situation as a misunderstanding, but portrayed it in an honest way, showing that the characters are human, flawed, and prone to do thoughtless acts. And in that manner, gaining the sympathy of the readers, because we can relate to them.

I finished the book in one sitting, because of the compelling writing, and I can't help but root for Heroine and Ted to get their happy ending. Kudos to Kate Douglas, and I'll be looking for her other works.

Rating: 4 stars

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I'm Back!

After a long hiatus, I'm back! And reading with a vengeance. Though writing reviews is still a problem. LOL

I'm determined to be more active this time around, reading and reviewing and joining tours. Hope you go with me on this book journey!

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REVIEW: Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn

ISBN 0-441-00928-X
Genre: Fantasy
(c) 2001, Ace Book, Berkley Publishing Group
Sharon Shinn's website

Rating: 2 stars

Buy Link: Book Depository

"Good story but with flaws"

Corie is the illegitimate child of a dead nobleman with the daughter of a village witch/wise woman. When she was six, her uncle Jaxon came at the behest of her dead father and bargained with her grandmother for her to live her summers at Castle Auburn with her half-sister Elisandra. Corie lives for her summers at Castle Auburn, but as she grows older, she realizes deeper and darker things are afoot at the castle.

Sharon Shinn writes a wonderful story that both entrances you and makes you stop and think at the same time. In this book, she touches on the subjects of slavery and abuse, but more than that, it's about growing up and seeing the world through different eyes, learning that the world isn't quite the way you thought it was. It's about coming into your own principles and beliefs and acting according to what you know is right, even if it is against the way of the world. It's about Corie and her growth from a young girl into a woman.

I have said before that Sharon Shinn is very good at characterization and character development, and it is true again here, especially in the person of Corie, whom I like very much as a heroine. At 14, she was charming and engaging, despite being forthright and liable to say anything she thinks. She could wrap Bryan (or any man) around her finger if she so wants.

She was infatuated with Bryan (as did many girls), blinded by his handsome features. Still, she possessed a fierce loyalty to her sister, to whom Bryan was betrothed, in that even as she enjoyed Bryan's attention, she was aware he was her sister's and didn't think of fighting with her over him, and later on, her intense need to save Elisandra.

As Corie grew older and the veil of innocence was taken away, she became aware of Bryan's true nature--that he was handsome, yes, but he was cruel and selfish and may not make the realm a good king nor her sister a good husband. Her moral compass was also being challenged with regard to the aliora, fairy-like creatures who became the humans' slaves when captured.

Possible spoilers below, so be warned.








I've always liked a Sharon Shinn story and this is no exception. However, I have some complaints:

1. Maybe because I'm a romance reader, I wish there were more romantic moments (more development of the romance) between Corie and her future husband (not telling who, so as not to spoil your reading pleasure). Corie's thoughts regarding her feelings for him also came across as...not strong enough. (Actually, I'm tempted to write, "What feelings?", but there were hints, like not wanting to read news about him dancing with another girl, etc.)

I'm not convinced she loved him because her reaction to him was rather bland. She even wanted him to marry her sister (to save her), even after he told her that he didn't love her sister that way. So, I'm a bit disappointed here. However, that said, I realize this is a fantasy novel and I'm content with what I can get. The consolation is that the guy is more forthcoming and we really see that he likes her through his actions (though how she couldn't see this is a mystery, and instead she was always attributing it to something else) and his declaration of love toward the end more than makes up for Corie's lackluster emotions.

(I want to quote some of his lines but they're very revealing as to who he is, so...sorry. Read the book if you want to know.)

2. I think Jaxon's "romance" with Rowena, the Queen of Alora, is more exciting. However, so much about them happened in the background. I wish we could've seen more about what had happened between them before that shocking entrance into Castle Auburn, proclaiming that they had married along the way. I'm very interested to know how their bargain was struck and if there were feelings on Rowena's side for him, or if she was doing it merely for her people.

3. Elisandra's actions at the end. This is the only point that truly disturbed me. I know why she did what she did, and I empathize with her situation and I really believe she only did it as a last resort to a very difficult situation. I now know why she is portrayed as so cool and calm all the time, because only a person of such..."cold-bloodedness", I should say, could have done what she did.

Despite the justification, I'm not sure I agree with her method. Granted, Bryan is an evil man and his eventually being king and her husband would spell doom for the realm and for her. He is very cruel, as shown in his callous disregard for his illegitimate child and the way he punished Andrew. Perhaps Elisandra is merely delivering her own brand of justice. Perhaps she agonized over her decision before finally being resigned to the fact that there's no other way. However, I just...don't...quite...agree with the method of his downfall. As I was reading, I thought this book could also be classified as YA, but when I came to this part, I think not. Or perhaps, it can be read but with parental guidance.

Perhaps this was balanced in Corie's and her future husband's "condemnation" of Elisandra's actions later on, but the fact that Elisandra got away with it, that she wasn't punished but moreover was "rewarded" with possession of Jaxon Halsing's estate plus the love of a good man, well, that may send the wrong impression to a young mind.

So, much as I love this story, I couldn't give it the rating I wanted. Since I believed that the third point is a very important one, I have to give the story a rating of 2.

The Raving Reader Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon