Monday, May 9, 2016

REVIEW: Afternoon Delight by Desiree Holt

ISBN 978-1-906590-60-4
June 2008
Total E-Bound

(Probably not in circulation anymore)

"Definitely an Afternoon Delight!"

Savannah Claymore and Lori Avondale are friends and condo mates. One sunny afternoon, they were enjoying orange mimosas and sunbathing in the nude on their patio and bemoaning the lack of men in their lives, when their hunky neighbor, Deke Rogers, dropped in to join in the fun.

And what fun they had. This being an erotic romance, the sex scenes are hot, hot, HOT! The sexual tension ran high, with lots of anticipation and naughty couplings. The main characters were upfront and honest in their desire for one another, and there was no pretense that the time spent was going to be something other than an afternoon delight or that the story was something more than a sexual fling.

Until the evening, when Deke's friend Slade joined them for a nice foursome. Then, they split off into couples with the promise of deeper feelings developing between them. Now, I'm all for romance, but in this story, I would have been happy if they'd left it at that--a fling.

Readers who have objection to reading female-female physical interaction may have a little problem with this story.

Rating: 4 stars



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