Monday, December 21, 2009

Blogging at The Raving Readers

Yay! Welcome to The Raving Readers! Silver here, and I hope this blog will have a longer life span than my previous blog. LOL As you might have noticed, I've only transferred over the reviews I've done on books I've acquired myself.

In a way, I was happy when Shana finally decided to go into blogging. I've been trying to convince her to do it before I even started Silver's Book Reviews, but she was resistant. She has lots of excuses reasons--work, family, worldwide calamities. But once she was a shoo in, it wasn't that hard to get Carole to join in as well.

One good thing about group blogging is that there are two other people to help me do the reviews. But our focus for The Raving Readers isn't merely reviews. There are other stuff as well, as you'll see in the coming days, because we've done our homework beforehand. Essentially, we've brainstormed and were able to come up with some good ideas for posts. Can't wait to execute them!

Another thing we want to do in this blog is to integrate ourselves into the greater blogging community! That means reaching out to fellow bloggers by visiting their blogs and by inviting them to come over to ours! There are exciting times ahead, that's for sure!

Stay tuned!


Karine said...

Hi Silver. Great to see you and Shana doing this, since you've been book lovers ever since I can remember. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

May said...

Enjoyed most of your previous posts. Keep it up!

Silver @ The Raving Readers said...

Hi Karine, yeah, finally Shana came around! Thanks for dropping by.

Hi May, thanks! More reviews coming soon.


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