Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Thoughts: My Experience with the World Cup

For the first time ever, I watched the World Cup quarter finals featuring Germany vs Argentina last weekend. I thought it would be boring, watching some guys kick a ball around a huge green field for 90 minutes with the scores almost always in the one digit.

Boy, was I wrong.

My friends and I went for dinner at this German restaurant and had deep fried pork knuckles and varied sausages. Yum, yum, yum! I also had a lager, which one of my girlfriends extolled, so I tried it. Tastes great, not bitter at all, which is just right for my palette.

Oh yes, back to the game. So, the restaurant has this big screen which featured the game and everyone was there rooting for his team. Most were rooting for Germany (kinda obvious, isn't it, since we were in a German restaurant), so the shouts and hollers when Germany scored was tremendous. I had as much fun watching the game as watching the people in their varied reactions.

Did I mention the eye candy, both on-screen and off? Drool. Okay, I think I lied. I had more fun watching the man candies than the game.

Oh, and I rooted for Germany, who won. *grin* Beginner's luck. *wink*

I also took away a little souvenir. It was important to mentioned I had beer, because two hours after I'd consumed it, I got rashes all over my back and down my right thigh! So itchy. Should've remembered my allergic reaction to alcohol. :( I'm getting better now, but I still itch. *sigh* When will I ever learn?



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