Monday, June 21, 2010

In the TBR Pile...

We've got lots of goodies this week, both bought and borrowed from the library!


Erotic Horizon said...

What a haul - I still need to read that Joss Ware book..



Scorpio M. said...

I have LOVER UMBOUND in my TBR, also.

ANYTHING FOR YOU is my ultimate Mayberry favorite, I have it on my Kindle & a pb copy! I finally came across a Mayberry that was only so-so for me, ALL OVER, not one of her better works.

Happy reads!

Silver @ The Raving Readers said...

E.H>, I'm reading Joss Ware's book now and it's slow going at first for me, even with all the danger stuff. LOL Something's just not firing my interest about that book, but toward the middle, when the hero and his friends finally got to Envy (a settlement) and met this guy who's lived through the catastrophe and might provide some needed answers, things got interesting!

Silver @ The Raving Readers said...

Scorpio M, I've finished Lover Unbound and in my opinion, it's the best book in the BDB series! Ok, that's just me. You might disagree. LOL :) I literally savored every word of V's reactions to Jane and V is now one of my two favorite brothers (the other being Z). My review's on for tomorrow, but don't read it yet coz I don't want you to be influenced by what I wrote. Would love to know what you think of it.


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