Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sexy Cover Tuesday

For today, I thought we'd drool over sexy covers. *wink* One thing to learn, though, for authors is that when a reader like me is caught by the sexy cover, I tend to click on it and read the blurb. Just sayin'.

There's something sexy about a man's side view, the way he's unashamed of his body, the way he turned a little to the side... And OMG, what is that red thing running from one hand to the other? A thong? A man in thongs? Seriously?

This is a trade paperback of 226 pages.

Blurb from Publisher's website:

Touring Australia before starting his life as a lawyer back in Kansas seems like the perfect escape for James. A trip to the Mandarra Horticultural Show has him itching to work on an authentic Australian farm. What he doesn’t expect to find in the bush is a field of sunflowers and a man who makes him tremble with need.

Lochlan has resigned himself to living alone in the Australian bush. Since returning from Sydney to run the family property, he’s put his sexual desires on hold, knowing his mates would never understand. When he takes a chance and hires a young good-looking tourist to help him on the homestead, Lochie begins to wonder just how heated this year’s harvest will be. Will he be able to put worries aside and take a chance on love?

Sequel to Harvest Heat.

After losing his family’s station in Australia to the bank, Jacko Hennesy moves in with his best mate, Lochie McBride. Trouble is Lochie already has a roommate—his new lover, Jamey. Trying to settle into an everyday life with two men isn’t as easy as he’d hoped. Although he’s been in love with his best friend for years, Jacko also finds himself attracted to Jamey. Watching the constant flirting and touching every day is enough to reduce the tough bushman into a puddle of need. What’s a bloke to do when he falls for two sexy men?

My! *fans self*  What a fine a**! Have I told you about the time I drooled over a man's backside? A real live man's backside, not a cover! Absolutely droolworthy. Now I wish I had thought to snap a picture at that time. Oh well. Anyway, I like this cover, especially the way the couple is positioned. It's very suggestive and certainly fires my imagination. And that broad back! The curve of that spine! Makes me want to run my hands all over him...

This is an ebook that will be available tomorrow!

Blurb from Publisher's website:

The last place Ashbea Somers wanted to be was stuck at a shoe convention with her crazy boss, selling trashy shoes to drunken women. When Ashbea runs into the surly, hard-bodied Harry, things start to get exciting. After a few terse words, she finds herself skin to skin with him up against a wall in a hot, body-shaking moment. Maybe the convention isn’t so bad.

Harry only ever has one-night stands. Hot, wild sex with Ashbea was supposed to be just that. In and out and over, with no regrets just a passionate memory. But Harry can’t forget the woman who held him so tight and close. He wants one more taste of her luscious body before he walks away. That is, if he can. There’s something about her that’s unforgettable.

Ashbea isn’t sure what Harry’s problem is but she does know one thing. Sex with Harry Hardman is not something she’s about to give up without a fight.

~ * ~

Oh, and did I tell you about the time one cover was declared "invalid" at Photobucket because the man's privates were kinda showing? No kidding! I didn't even notice until the photo fizzled out from our side bar. I finally had to blur that particular part even more before I dare put it up again on our blog.

More next time. *wink*


Leontine said...

Me want a bit of Aussie hotness too, dang the cover (as a good cover hussie) caught my eye on the blogroll and I want to bite that butt ROWR

After reading the blurb it really sounds intriguing, I must go add to TBB list! Thanks guys :)

Silver @ The Raving Readers said...

ROWR indeed! :) You're welcome! Glad to be of help. LOL


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