Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In The TBR Pile...

We have all our next books to read all picked out. So, what's in store for the ladies of The Raving Readers:

I know Shana is eagerly waiting for the time she could come to this book. It seems she's not um, reading this series in sequential order after all.

Susan Lyons very kindly provided Shana with an e-ARC of this first book in the Wild Ride to Love series. I know Shana has sunk her teeth into this and is even now writing her review.

I loved The Duke of Shadows, and lots of romance blogs are raving about this book. I hope it lives up to its reputation. And that's the darndest thing about reputation. It builds up expectations. With all the hype, even if it's a good book, there's a good chance it may fall short in the reader's eyes. I know that's what happened to me with the movie Serendipity.

Another Meredith Duran for me to bite my teeth into.

As for Carole, she means to start an Oldie but Goldie Review.



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