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REVIEW: The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind

Series: The Sword of Truth

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The story revolves around Richard Rahl and the love of his life, Kahlan, the Mother Confessor, whose touch brings death to any man, except well...Richard. He grew from a simple woodcutter to the ruler of his realm and the books contain magic, politics and religions galore, including 1,000-year-old magic-users who live in an age-slowing palace.


I love the first four books in this series. I think they're well-written and the world-building and magic believable enough to make me suspend my disbelief. I love some of the plot twists the author employed, and believe it or not, one of my favorite sub-plots was the budding romance between Warren and this older magic-user who lived in that age-slowing palace I wrote about.

However, Book 5 (Soul of the Fire) seriously threatened my disbelief suspension. A chicken that was not a chicken? Is that for real? And, who would believe that Richard and Kahlan preferred to live with the Mud People over decent shelter with plumbing? Okay, my bad. Maybe it's my prejudice and background showing through. Maybe as ruler and consort of a world/country, they're into immersion.

I also grew to hate Kahlan with each successive book. She's an independent woman, sure, and as an independent woman, I ought to admire her. Yet, she's irritating and bossy and she always thinks she's right because she's the Mother Confessor who has seen the world while Richard, even if he's the ruler and a war wizard, is really only a simple, backward woodcutter.

From there, the series went downhill for me. We got pages and pages of narration and how Richard had to find the perfect wood to whittle figurines in Faith of the Fallen. And since Richard's life is so blah while he waited for Kahlan to recover from a life-threatening wound, the author came up with other characters whom we should take an interest in. Well, we would, if they were interesting.

Needless to say, I didn't finish reading Faith of the Fallen, nor did I pick up the other books. I've read that the entire series is now published, so if any of you has finished reading it and loved it, let me know. I might decide to re-read and complete the series. 

Book Ratings: 

Wizard's First Rule: 4.0
Stone of Tears: 4.0

Blood of the Fold: 4.0
Temple of the Winds: 4.0
Soul of the Fire: 3.0
Faith of the Fallen: Not Rated since I can't finish it (too boring)

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