Sunday, April 26, 2009

REVIEW: Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly

This is my first time to read a book by Matthew Reilly, and also my first to read a book in this genre.


Scarecrow, a top US Marine who has saved the President's neck in a previous book, is now the target of a bounty hunt. And he didn't even know why.


This book is fast-paced with plenty of action, guns, fast cars and incredible feats. It's a pretty exciting read, and the author describes the action well enough that you could almost see it. The mystery (reason for the bounty hunt) was also enough to keep me turning the pages. Damn, I want to know why! The author also kept me on my toes with surprise twists, though if I had thought about it, there were clues at the beginning of the book that should've pointed me to the right direction.

However, I find that the dialogue isn't that great. Also, nothing much was written about the characters' emotional process or the characters' emotions, but of course, since this is an action thriller book, I suppose that isn't the focus of the book.

Book Rating: 3.0



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